📜Smart Contracts

An overview of The Nexus smart contracts.

GitHub: https://github.com/nexusportal/nexus-smartcontracts Block Explorer Links coming soon after deployment on XDC! NEXUS TOKEN: The NEXU token 1.1 Billion max supply. Has Delegation/Governance ability. Has multiple ownership slots to be used for future versions of Nexus or Governance modules that may add rewards distribution. NEXUS GENERATOR(Yield Farming Contract): This is where users can stake their liquidity tokens $NLPs to earn $NEXU! Also allows users to create custom Superfarm pairs that can become multi-earning. Superfarm deposits take a 1% that may be used to give back to multi-staking or promenent farm pairs like NEXU/WXDC. Has 2 ownership slots, one for Nexus team to manage additions of earning pairs and superfarms, and a governance slot for future governance contracts.

NEXUS FACTORY: Swapping contract/Liquidity Token Manager.

NEXUS ROUTER: Swapping contract.


NEXUS DIFFUSER: The Nexus Diffuser receives $NLPs of different kinds from the Nexus Factory. The Diffuser buys and burns $NEXU with some of those $NLPs. The rest of the $NLPs are sent to the Nexus Core to be distributed proportionally to $NEXU/$CELEST Stakers.

NEXUS CORE MULTISTAKING: The Nexus Core is where users can stake and lock their $NEXU Tokens and Celestials to earn $NEXU, $NLPs and potentially other Tokens from many different sources.

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