🌉Wan Bridge

Wanchain Bridge allows the big assets like BTC and XRP to be bridged to XDC in a secure & decentralized way!

Bridge in and out of XDC using Wanchain Bridge!

Wanchain currently supports these assets to bridge to and from XDC and is always adding more! $wXRP $wBTC $wETH $wUSDT $wUSDC $wWAN Soon to be Added bridge ORACLE Token from Songbird to XDC! Bridge NEXU to Songbird to earn on Oracleswap.io! This provides an on and off ramp for Nexus Users to enter and exit the XDC Nexus in a decentralized way! Make decentralized trades on the Nexus DEX and exit to BTC or USDT!

Current Wanchain Bridges

Current Wanchain Supported Tokens List

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