Use MetaMask, XDC Pay or any other EVM Web3 Wallet

General RPC and Wallet Info: https://xinfin.org/xdc-chain-network-tools-and-documents

Setup MetaMask to connect to BlocksScan or Other RPC

Switch the connected Network by clicking on the tab β€œEthereum Mainnet” Network.

Now we are adding the Custom RPC using BlocksScan RPC

By clicking on the β€œEthereum Mainnet” you will find the β€œAdd Network” button.

Now enter the details about BlocksScan RPC settings:

BlocksScan RPC details are as follows:

For Mainnet:

Network Name: XDC Network

New RPC URL: https://eRPC.BlocksScan.io

ChainID: 50

Symbol: XDC

Block Explorer URL: https://xdc.blocksscan.io/ Backup RPCs:






https://rpc-xdc.icecreamswap.com SOURCE: https://medium.com/@tivan7404/setting-up-metamask-for-xdc-network-using-blocksscan-ethereum-compatible-rpc-f3aebf27c9cd

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