🌀What is The Nexus

A MultiDimensional DeFi & NFT Ecosystem.

Welcome To Nexus DEX

What is The Nexus? The Nexus is a Multidimensional Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and DeFi Ecosystem, intended to create a unified singularity of different chains such as XDC, XRP EVM, EnergyWeb and more!

Good to know: You can use Nexus DEX to add liquidity and create a market for your XRC-20 tokens on the XDC Network. This makes your token available for trade on the public market and allows you to give value to your token on XDC! You can provide liquidity, or stake your $NEXU tokens to gain yield!

What is to come!

The Nexus is currently deployed on the XRP EVM Sidechain Devnet and The XDC Apothem Test Network! After the Nexus Celestials have been minted and the free $NEXU airdrop to the XDC Network is complete the Nexus DEX will be deployed on the XDC Main Network. The Nexus DEX and New NFTs + Token will also be deployed on XRP EVM Sidechain Main net when and if it goes live. It will also be deployed to Energy Web Chain with a new NFT collection of Energy Masters and $Qi Energy Token with the same structure as seen on The Nexus with $NEXU and $CELEST. Users who mint the Celestials on XDC will also get free airdrops on all of these proceeding launches on new chains!

Quick Guide to the Nexus Ecosystem

  • NEXU token powers the Nexus DEX on XDC

  • NEXU token is obtained by minting a Celestial NFT and or claiming NEXU through a qualified partner

  • Stake your NEXU and Celestial NFTs as well as provide liquidity to various pairs on the Nexus DEX and earn rewards from the Generator & Diffuser.

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